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Frequently Asked Questions

Earl’s Plumbing, Sewer and Drain FAQ (frequently asked questions) below provides the answers to frequently asked questions regarding efficient radiant heating, commercial heating, residential plumbing, commercial plumbing, commercial heating, sprinklers, and green energy questions to common issues. If your question is not answered here and/or you would like to submit it to this FAQ, please contact Earl’s today, and one of our knowledgeable representatives will promptly respond. If you are experiencing an emergency, please review the following guide while you are awaiting repair services from our company. We have listed several of the most common scenarios that lead to requests for service calls.

Sewer flies, sewer smells, water backing up, yard puddles, buckling floors, dirty flowing water, moist air and bathroom, break or sagging drain line, seam copper toilet hurtling can all be signs or symptoms that can mean you me have serious plumbing issues currently or eventually.

Usually drains are clogged because people are not careful of what they put in them, especially in the kitchen. Other drains, like in the bathroom, get clogged because of the oil residue from soaps, shampoos and hair. It is recommended that you are conscious of what you put down your drains and call Earl’s when they don’t flow!

Usually when a faucet is dripping the problem has a relatively simple solution. The internal mechanisms need to be rebuilt or replaced. This is an easy and inexpensive fix. Did you know that you could extend the life of your washers by turning off your faucets gently rather than forcefully?

Take the time every once and a while to inspect your pipes. If rust or lime is depositing on them, this may indicate a leak is starting. If this is happening, contact Earl’s Plumbing to address the problem. By performing an occasional inspection you could stop a small problem before it turns into a large one. Leaking pipes can damage floors and belongings and become much more costly than if the problem was detected early.

You should call Earl’s Plumbing right away. Leaking water heaters usually indicate the bottom of the tank has rusted. There are really no good repairs for this problem. You most likely need a new water heater.

This is not only an annoyance but also a waste of water and money. Leaky toilets can cost almost $100 extra per year on your water bills. If the toilet continues to run into the bowl after the toilet is flushed, it indicates that some part of the mechanism is out of order and needs to be replaced.