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Our motto is “The Flow Must Go On!” If your drain lines are backed- up call our professionals at 504-888-8888. We provide clean and efficient drain cleaning services at a reasonable price and have video camera equipment to identify problems under the slab when needed. Video pipe inspections are used to detect problems with drain lines both under the slab and in the drain line going from the house to the street.


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Hydro Tunneling and Under Slab Repairs

  • Hydro Tunneling is a process of using a high pressure water jet in conjunction with a vacuum truck to loosen and remove the soil from around the broken pipes under the slab for replacement. The resulting tunnel allows our plumbers to gain quick access and perform the repairs in a safe and efficient manner. The new drain pipes are then secured to the slab structure with code approved stainless steel hangers. The benefit to the homeowner is less mess with quicker recovery.
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